Aerotight M4 SS A4 SC All Metal Locking Nut

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Brand: Aerotight
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Product Overview

The M4 stainless steel A4 (316) Aerotight® nut, is an all metal stiff nut which can be re-used many times due its self-locking function, which will remain effective having been used several times. It is designed to stay in position whether tightened down or not, provided the locking element is engaged and it does not have to achieve recommended torque to be effective. No additional parts are required for an Aerotight® nut to function, and therefore no special tools are needed for its application.

Product Specifications

Diameter M4
Material Stainless Steel
Material Grade A4 (316)
Surface Treatment Self Colour
Thread Metric
Thread Type Coarse
Thread Pitch 0.7
Height (Max.) (mm) 4.79
Across Flats (A/F) (Max.) (mm) 7.0
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